Outdoor Coaching

Most of us want to improve our climbing ability. We’re looking for that next level always so tantalizingly out of reach. It could be moving from VS to HVS or stepping up to redpointing F8a, or it could simply be to improve confidence and increase enjoyment. Whatever your desires, employing a professional coach is often the fastest way to success. With a vast amount of experience in all areas of rock climbing Steve can identify areas of weakness and structure a program to push standards to whole new levels.
Steve has been a professional coach for over 20 years with vast experience in both one-one and group sessions. Well over 150 individuals have enjoyed his informal and relaxed coaching holidays in locations such as Sardinia, Kalymnos, Turkey and Spain. More recently he has concentrated on 1-1 or 1-2 sessions in and around The Peak District working extensively with both beginners and high end athletes alike. 
Steve is available for coaching, or simply days out climbing, at any level, for 1-1 or group sessions. Please contact him if you want to make a booking or have any questions.

Outdoor Coaching fees:
Steve’s fees are £270 per day, and are based on a 1:1 ratio (For two climbers the cost is £330. It would be £165 each for a full day climbing with Steve for two climbers). Sessions are tailored to the individuals, with detailed and written feedback.
Steve is based in the Peak District, and rates include travel expenses in this area. Should the weather / crag condition be inappropriate on an agreed date the client agrees to climb indoors at a local indoor venue.

 feedback coaching

Above shows part of a typical written assessment

Indoor Coaching

For some individuals indoor sessions may be extremely valuable, focusing on specific movement skills, training practices or how to make the most of a given facility.

For many climbers, especially those with a higher level of movement experience, physical strengths often become the limiting factor. Isolating weak links, and then forming an action plan to work on these links may be the answer to long standing performance plateaus.
With vast experience in personal training, as well as continually working with the best coaches and training experts, Steve can identify areas of weakness and advise methods and timescales to maximize performance. Where necessary, detailed personalized training plans are available.

Steve is based in Sheffield, and rates include travel expenses in this area. Indoor entry costs for the client(s) will be met by the client. Steve will cover his own entry cost. Sheffield currently has multiple world class climbing and training venues open to the public including The Foundry, The Climbing Works and Awesome Walls. Though Steve generally works at The Foundry, all of these venues offer excellent opportunities and facilities. Indoor coaching fees (including written feedback) are £50/hr.


As part of the mapping of an individuals strengths and weaknesses, a physical profiling session may be of considerable value for identifying physical weaknesses and imbalances.

  • Identifying physical weaknesses and imbalances.
  • Identifying weaknesses relative to targets and goals.
  • Benchmarking performance.
  • Learning new training methods.

A full profiling session may take three hours or more, and as well as being thoroughly exhausting, is an essential part of a new training phase allowing hard earned gains to be monitored.

Many of the profiling exercises can be done without complex equipment and without supervision. A few examples are shown in the table below. Grades (on-sight) and numbers are a guideline only and to be used alongside other data.

Exercise Notes Athlete (7b+) Advanced (8a) Elite (8b)
Pull-ups Steady movement. Knees up so thighs are horizontal. Reps to failure 15 20 30
Press-ups Hands at shoulder width. Lower chest to around 2 inches from floor. Reps to failure 30 40 60
L-Sit Straight legs. Time held to failure. 20s 40s 60s+


Steve is qualified to CWA and holds the Development Coach Award. He is also a first-aider, and holds his own insurance for coaching.